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Modern Greek Language Teaching Center


•If I am from a non-EU country, how can I obtain a student visa?

Acceptance Letters are issued under the following conditions*:

1) The applicant’s registration has been approved by the Secretariat of the Modern Greek Language Teaching and an Acceptance Letter has been issued. The applicant must then apply for a student visa at the Greek Consulate/Embassy in his/her country of origin. The visa application must subsequently be approved by the Consulate;

2) The applicant has been won a place to study at a Greek University;

3) The applicant has been awarded a scholarship from a Greek Institute or government department e.g. The Foundation for State Scholarships (IKY);

4) The applicant has been accepted to follow a Master’s or Doctoral Degree at a Greek University.

* Acceptance letter can be issued for the following courses: 8month/15 hours per week & 6month/15 hours per week.


•If my visa application is rejected, can my fees be refunded?

The fees cannot be refunded. Please refer to section Fees