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Modern Greek Language Teaching Center


•Who can apply to attend any of the courses provided by the Modern Greek Language Teaching Center?

Any adult who has completed High School (or higher) is eligible to register


•How do I register?

Applications and the required documents (see below) must be submitted using the electronic interactive application form found on our website during the specific registration periods indicated for each course. Once the applications have been submitted, within three days a reply will be sent from the Secretaries’ office indicating whether an application has been accepted


•What documents do I need to register?

1) Online Application form (found in the main webpage of the Modern Greek Language Teaching Centre).

The following documents need to be uploaded on the online application form:

2) Photocopy of High School Diploma or University Degree, verified for the authenticity of the title by a Greek Diplomatic authority abroad or by the Diplomatic authority of the foreigner’s country in Greece or stamped with the Apostille seal in accordance with the Hague Convention (more info here).

Exceptions: Refugees and asylum seekers do not need to upload a copy of their High School Diploma/Degree. A copy of the asylum card can be uploaded instead. 

Scholarship holders or those who have been accepted for studies by Ministries, Institutions or Public Schools of Higher Education must upload a copy of the appropriate certification only

Official translation of the High School Diploma or University Degree. Either by a Greek Diplomatic authority abroad or by the Certified Translators, or by a lawyer with verification by the Lawyers’ Bar. If the documents are in the English language, they do not need to be translated into Greek. Please note however the documents must still be certified for their authenticity (see 2 above)

3) Photocopy of passport. Moreover, for students who originate from countries which are not members of the European Union, a valid entry visa is required

4) The original bank receipt of payment of tuition fees at Alpha Bank (see banking details below)

5) One photo


•What happens after I have submitted my application?

It takes three or four days for the application to be processed. An email is sent with information concerning the status of the application (whether it has been accepted, it is incomplete or has been rejected).


•Can I apply after the deadline for applications?

The only applications that can be considered are those that have been submitted during the official registration dates


•I do not have a High School Diploma, can I still apply?

It is not possible to register without at least a High School Diploma. The application will be rejected


•I have a High School Diploma and/or university degree but it is in my country/has not been certified/translated yet. I will have it later in the year.

In this case, you must first contact the Secretariat of the Modern Greek Language Teaching Center either by phone (+30 210 7277672) or email: info[at]greekcourses.uoa[dot]gr before proceeding with your application