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Modern Greek Language Teaching Center


The students who attend the various classes of Modern Greek at the Teaching Center comprise an audience of differing places of origin, ages, educational background and goals. They enroll in the classes with different levels of Greek knowledge, some with more or less time at their disposal, in the hope of improving their knowledge of Greek. In order to meet the needs of its students, the Teaching Center provides programmes with varied duration (eight month, six month and five week courses), different levels of knowledge (beginner, intermediate and advanced), different times of lessons (morning, noon, afternoon or evening classes) and intensity (intensive or less intensive courses).

Students may choose the time and duration of the course. The creation of classes depends on student demand with a minimum of 15 students per class required. Before each course commences, they write a placement test and are divided in classes in accordance with their level of Greek language knowledge.

The duration of the teaching hour is 45 minutes.