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Modern Greek Language Teaching Center


•Where can I find information on the courses provided?

All the relevant information can be found in our comprehensive site.


•Will I need to buy books or buy other study materials?

Students are required to purchase some books or to buy study material provided for them. What books or study material will be used is determined by the teachers taking into account the needs and level of the students in each class. Study materials may also be posted on the Modern Greek Language Teaching Center e-class platform.   


•How many levels of lessons are provided?

In accordance with the Council of Europe framework for language knowledge, the levels range from A1 (complete beginner) to C2 (advanced). There is a certain amount of flexibility allowed when allocating students to various levels as factors such as the number of participants, test results and general ability of each group need to be taken into account.  


•The level I have been placed in is too difficult/easy for me, can I change to an easier/more difficult level?

In this case the correct procedure is that you inform your teacher. If he/she agrees, they will contact the Secretariat directly and the change will be made provided that there is an available place in the class. Any level changes can only be made during the beginning of the course.