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Modern Greek Language Teaching Center


•Are the courses free? Do you provide financial assistance?

The courses are not provided for free. Fees must be paid. Details concerning the amounts that need to be paid for each course can be found in the information provided in our website.

No financial aid can be provided.


•Are any discounts provided?

Reduced fees are only provided for our courses for students who have a Greek passport or ID, or have been recognized as Greek citizens by Court decisions. Proof must be provided in order to be eligible for the discounted fees.


•How do I pay the fees?

The fees must be deposited in the bank account of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens at any ALPHA Bank branch.  The fees may be deposited directly at the cashier of the bank (Bank account number: 802002001000227) or the fees may be transferred using the ΙΒΑΝ: GR0301408020802002001000227 and Swift/BIC: CRBAGRAA.

The entire amount of the fees must be deposited. The payment cannot be made in installments.

The banking transfer costs are borne exclusively by the applicants.


•When do I need to pay the fees?

The fees must be paid upon registration. The receipt of payment or transaction details must be uploaded in the application form. If the fees are not paid, an application is rejected.