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Modern Greek Language Teaching Center


•Do I need to take the placement test?

Any applicant who can speak, read, and write Greek must take part in the placement test. If an applicant is a complete beginner, they do not need to take part in the placement test. They will be placed at a beginners' class.

The placement test is online.

When taking the test, please do not answer questions by guessing. If you do not know the answer, it is better to leave it unanswered. Answering questions at random can change the result with the possibility that you will be placed in a more difficult level. The aim of the placement test is to ensure that you are placed at a level that reflects your actual level of knowledge.   


•When can I take part in the placement test?

The placement test can only be taken once a candidate’s application has been accepted by the Secretariat. Therefore, a candidate must register first. It is NOT possible to take part in the placement test unless an application has been submitted and processed. Once the application has been processed and accepted, an email with the link is sent to the candidate.