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Historical Facts

The teaching of Modern Greek as a second/foreign language was from very early a concern of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The teaching of Modern Greek began in the 1950s, alongside the teaching of foreign languages within the framework of the lessons and events offered to its students by the Foreign Languages Teaching Centre of the University of Athens. This has continued unceasingly until today.

At the session dated 4 July 1991 of the Senate, the Interdepartmental Programme for the teaching of Modern Greek as a second/foreign language was established under the educational stewardship of the Department of Linguistics. In 1994 the Interdepartmental Master's Degree Programme of the faculties of Philology and Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens was established. The continuously increasing demand for the learning of Modern Greek (the hundreds of students in the beginning had expanded to thousands by the 1990s) led to the establishment of an independent Modern Greek Language Teaching Centre. In 1994 it was placed under the auspices of the Interdepartmental Programme.

The Greek Language Teaching Centre certifies the level of Modern Greek Language Knowledge for prospective students of Greek tertiary institutions.