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The courses for learning Modern Greek are open to:

  • Prospective students of Greek tertiary institutions selected by the Minystry of Education, Life-Long Learning and Religious Affairs;
  • Scholarship holders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Life-Long Learning and Peligious Affairs and the Finance Ministry;
  • Scholarship holders from other institutions (State Scholarship Foundation, Foundation of Kosta and Eleni Ourani, Alexander Onassis Foundation and the Holy Synod of greece);
  • Post-graduate students and Doctoral candidates from Greek tertiary educational institutions;
  • Students from European Socrates-Erasmus programmes;
  • Individuals of Greek origin, foreigners and spouses of Greek citizens who hold at least a secondary school level certificate and have a valid residency permit which covers the entire duration of the course they wish to follow.

Regulations for registration

  • For registration to be completed, each student must deposit the fees at Alpha Bank, account number 802002001000227.
  • The fees are not refunded due to cancellation or non-attendance.
  • All students from non-European Union countries must have a residency permit which is valid until at least the end of the course.